Champagne, watching the ball drop on TV, dancing the night away or enjoying a party at home with family and friends.  How will you be celebrating New Year's Eve tonight?  Here's a look at how the world will welcome in 2014.

According to CNN, New Year's Eve celebrations in London won't just look great but will taste good too.  Wait, what?

In addition to the fireworks display, they'll be using banana flavored confetti which is vegan, hypoallergenic and kosher so it's okay for anyone to eat.  Pop one of the floating oranges and suddenly you'll be smelling citrus as the fireworks light up the sky over London.

In Dubai, they'll be attempting to break the world record for the biggest fireworks display.  Dubai also happens to be home to the world's tallest building, which is where the fireworks will go off.

While the Big Apple has the crystal ball drop, in other US cities it's fruit ringing in the new year.  A giant pineapple in Hawaii and a peach in Atlanta.

Wherever you are celebrating, have a very Happy New Year!

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