Alice and Jafar worked through some major daddy issues on this week's episode of 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.' 'Bad Blood' picked up right where the last episode left off, with Jafar kidnapping Alice's father and Alice still trying to reach Jafar's castle to save Cyrus. Little did Alice know that Cyrus had already escaped Jafar's castle, but more on that later. First, let's talk about Jafar's latest evil scheme.

We all know Jafar's plan involves manipulating Alice into using up all of her wishes -- that way he can control Cyrus and unlock the spell that will allow him to change the laws of magic. This week, Jafar used a glamor spell to pose as Alice's father in an attempt to find her weakness and get her to give up her wishes. The plan worked, but not exactly how Jafar wanted it to.

After realizing that Alice and her father had a strained relationship, Jafar opts to disguise himself as her father. Looking just like her Victorian-era pops, Jafar meets Alice and Knave in the forest and is able to convince Alice that her father is sorry for not believing her stories about Wonderland and sending her to the madhouse. Alice is reluctant to trust him, until she's forced to save him from a pretty tough looking dragon, which Jafar summons. The dragon ordeal puts things into perspective for Alice, and she decides to forgive her father for abandoning her. Trouble is, it's not really her father's she's forgiving, it's Jafar in disguise. Alice finally figures this out when he forgets to pray before eating dinner. Jafar doesn't pray, not even when he's impersonating a devout Christian! (Oh, and it's worth mentioning that their dinner was roasted dragon meat. Yeah. Gross.)

Jafar knows he's found out, so he improvises and threatens to murder Alice's real father. This was one of the most emotional moments of the series. While Alice's father is in Jafar's clutches, he apologizes to Alice for not believing in her, and expresses his love and regret over how they're relationship went sour. He says everything Alice has been wanting to hear come out of his mouth since forever, and it's pretty darn sweet... until Jafar drops him to his death. But just before he plunges to his doom, Alice uses one of her two remaining wishes to wish her father back home to safety. Score one for Jafar, he got her to give up a wish! Alice's dad is zapped back home, where he's met by his unbelieving wife, who we're pretty sure is this close to sending him to the loony bin.

As mentioned before, Alice isn't the only one who worked through some daddy issues in this episode. 'Wonderland' gave us another intriguing peek at Jafar's coming of age in his homeland of Agrabah. Through flashbacks, we find out that he really was the bastard child of the powerful Sultan. And after his mother dies, young Jafar heads to the palace to seek refuge in his real father's arms. But the Sultan isn't in a welcoming mood; even though he believes Jafar is who he claims to be, the Sultan refuses to acknowledge Jafar as his son and makes him a servant in the palace. So instead of a cozy life living it up in the richest place in the land, Jafar must clean up after the Sultan and his young legitimate son, who turns out to be just as big a jerk as his dad.

The Sultan and his legitimate son are a pretty evil pair. After Jafar makes a mistake and almost calls the sultan "father" in front of some bigwigs, his tiny, slap-happy half-brother smacks Jafar across the face more times that we could count. That kid is brutal! But things get worse; after the kid is done beating on Jafar, the Sultan tries to drown Jafar to death. It's no wonder Jafar turned out so wicked and angry! Believing Jafar to be dead, the Sultan dumps his body out with the trash, but a strange mist hovers over Jafar's head, awakening him and igniting his thirst for vengeance.

This episode confirmed what savvy viewers have known for weeks; the second prisoner Jafar has locked up in his Neverland palace is his father, the Sultan. After killing the sultan's legitimate son, Jafar kidnapped his father and put him in a cage for years. But even though the Sultan tried to kill him, Jafar still wishes to be accepted by his true father. The one thing he wants the most is for his father to acknowledge him as his son, but even now the Sultan refuses to do so. The Sultan goes as far as to try to commit suicide to deny Jafar the thing he wants most, but Jafar saves him and gives him a warning: Once he changes the laws of magic, he'll get everything he wants. The Sultan shoots back: What good is getting what you want if you don't really earn it? He's got you there, Jafar.

This was quite an emotional and brutal episode of 'Wonderland,' but we're glad to say that things ended on a happy note. The final shot of the night revealed that Cyrus survived his fall off the cliff, and he's only a night's journey away from reuniting with Alice. Are you looking forward to seeing these two finally get back together? Yeah, you are.