We take a look back at the classic Norman Lear sitcom 'One Day at a Time.'  Running for 9 season, 'One Day at a Time' focused on the life of a recently divorced mother of two, her daughters, and the superintendant of the apartment complex in which they live.

The show took place in Indianapolis, that's where Ann Romano (Bonnie Franklin) moved after divorcing her husband.  Her daughters were played by Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli.  Oddly, the building super, Schneider, played by Pat Harrington, was also a major character on the show who, famously in the title sequence butts into family photos.  Note the cigarette pack rolled up in Schneider's t-shirt - not something you'd see on TV today.

As is the hallmark of so many Normal Lear shows, it features a memorable theme song.  The theme song is called 'This is It' and was sung by Patty Cutter.