According to the folks at, These 11 Pieces Of Architectural Brilliance In New York Could Wow Anyone...and one of them is right in Central New York. Hey, it would be a virus-free road trip. You could do a drive-by in your car, keep your social distance, and get a glimpse.

A lot of the top architectural wonders in the Empire State are located in Manhattan, but a few are outside New York City. And some are pretty close to us in the Mohawk Valley. One of them is right in downtown Syracuse. The Niagara Mohawk building (below) is "like something made for your modern day Egyptian king," according to It made the National Register of Historic Places in 2010.

Photo Credit: Google Maps Street View

Also making the list of the top 11 were a few other places in the upper regions of New York State, like a couple of Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homes in the Bufalo area, and the Empire State Plaza, with the State Capitol and the Egg (below) in Albany.

New York State Capitol Building

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