Oneida County's confirmed cases of COVID-19 have jumped from 15 to 55 in less than a week.

County officials noted how the total has nearly grown four-fold since last Thursday. Since yesterday, confirmed cases involving Oneida County residents grew by nine. Still, there were 213 outstanding tests involving county residents as of noon Wednesday, County Executive Anthony Picente said.

Of the 55 current cases, 43 are 'active' - the other 12 residents are considered recovered. Also, the county's number of deaths tied to COVID-19 remained at one.

''People should not be taking their kids to playgrounds.'' - Anthony Picente

Oneida County Campsites Closed

Picente is issuing an order closing all county campsites closed, to include no permitting or activity through July 1, he said.

Those currently staying on county campgrounds must vacate April 12.

As it relates to children at playgrounds, the county executive is reminding parents who easily coronavirus spreads, and that it is transmissible on surfaces.

''People should not be taking their kids to playgrounds. You can pick up or spread the virus on surafaces,'' he said.

While there are no county-operated playgrounds, Picente is reminding residents that the cities of Utica and Rome have both closed their parks and playgrounds, and he is urging local towns, villages and school districts to do the same.


SUNY Poly is making face shields for 'local' healthcare workers, Picente announced Wednesday.

The effort is made possibly in part by a donation from Wal-Mart, he said. Also, county money earmarked for a Robotics competition at SUNY Poly - but was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic - is being redirected to help with the cost of making the shields, he said.

For a list of local contact information, including the Oneida County Mental Health Hotline, or the Oneida County COVID-19 Hotline or for information on volunteering during the coronavirus pandemic,  visit


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