When Mother Nature gives you snow in upstate New York, you have to take advantage. A recent storm dumped several feet in the Tug Hill region, sending snowmobile enthusiasts out to the trails, however they can get there. If you don't have a trailer to tow your snowmobile, make do by shoving into the back of a VW.

The photo was posted Tug Hill Snowmobiling Facebook page, saying it was sent from Dan in Cobleskill. Although another site claims it's from Steven Carr. Whoever took the photo, it's impressing snowmobiling enthusiasts on Facebook.

"It's a snowmobile thing. Just sayin'."

"He's got the itch man, can't blame the guy."

"Love it, shows commitment and it is probably his girlfirend's car."

"I'd like to know how the hell did he get the sled loaded. I would pay a buck to see that."

Some think it's fake and the snowmobile has been photoshopped, but Marshton Kelly says they tried it the day after seeing it on Facebook. "I had to get it over to my buddy's to work on it. The only option was slide it in backwards and I anchored it down using ratchet straps hooked them in those hooks used for car seats for children," says Kelly.

Marshton Kelly
Marshton Kelly


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