They've been perfecting their Southern accents for this one. Players of Utica is presenting "Sordid Lives", a black comedy about white trash. It will definitely have you laughing, but it does tackle some pretty serious themes.

The show is set in the South but it could just as easily be Central New York. As they dig into the characters' stories, you'll probably see similarities to someone you know or someone you've heard of. And through this familiarity, they get down and dirty with "serious themes like bigotry, guilt, homosexuality, forgiveness and acceptance." (Players of Utica Facebook)

The characters are portrayed by a very talented cast of local actors, and directed by Players regular Art Felshaw. We're really looking forward to see how they bring this play to life on stage in Downtown Utica. Sordid Lives runs March 31-April 2 and April 7-9. You can get tickets online or at the box office on State Street. And listen for your chance to win tickets with Chris Johnson during the Carbone Commute after 5pm.


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