Albany just can't seem to get a break from these animals. Last month the city had a rogue bunny. This time around, an otter has citizens fleeing in terror.

The Albany Water Department sent out a tweet warning the good people of Albany about this furry fiend:

Thinking of going for a lovely December fishing trip? Think again. This water-dwelling miscreant will rain on your walleye parade. One last day on the lake with your canoe before you're snowed in? Nope. This precious pirate will sink your ship. If you value your ankles, you'll stay away lest this ruthless ruffian decides to take a nibble. And apparently, these cuties actually have a pretty mean bite.

Apparently, this isn't exactly an isolated incident as far as otters are concerned. Last year in Anchorage, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game had to warn people to tread carefully as there was a group of aggressive otters attacking dogs and children.

As your leading authority on everything Reddit, I can tell you the intellectual center of the internet is having a discussion only for the most shrewd conversationalists.

With comments like "I want to get chased by an otter" and "Well, guess who is going to the 6 Mile tonight," I'm afraid lower-IQ individuals just might not understand these perceptive ideas. Somebody even drew the same parallel I did. One user said, "Send out the Albunny like a Pokemon duel." Hey, if you want to go challenge this otter, be my guest. But if this scoundrel bites and/or aggressively cuddles you, don't say I didn't warn you.

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