Guess who's red, furry, super cute and a new addition to The Utica Zoo?

Khairo the Red Panda! That's who!

CREDIT: Utica Zoo
CREDIT: Utica Zoo

Turns out Khairo's acquisition into the Utica Zoo is sort of an arranged "marriage". My sources say that he was introduced to his new "boo" Mei Lin, this past weekend. Mei Lin was born at The Utica Zoo in 2019 to Mei Yun and Muse.

CREDIT: Utica Zoo
CREDIT: Utica Zoo

 Mei Lin's mother (Mei Yun) died suddenly at the zoo in 2021.

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CREDIT: The Utica Zoo
CREDIT: The Utica Zoo

Utica-Observer Dispatch is reporting that "Khairo, a 7-year-old male from the Red River Zoo, arrived as part of the Species Survival Plan (SSP) recommendation for breeding.

"Red pandas are currently classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, with population numbers currently unknown due to severe fracturing of their natural habitats." The Rome Sentinel has reported.

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Director of Communications and Engagement at the Zoo, Allison Snyder told the Dispatch,

“Red Panda's have a short breeding period that typically takes place in January or February.”

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"Red Pandas are usually found in the northern to west provinces of China, Nepal, India and Tibet. They can easily be distinguished by their unique rusty, red coat color. Their coat helps them blend into the canopies of Fir trees where the branches are covered in reddish-brown moss and lichens. Throughout the day, red pandas spend their time eating bamboo."

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