The New York State Thruway is on track to go cashless by the end of the year - through the use of over 2,000 cameras watching cars go by daily - including the Utica exit.

Say good-bye to toll booths and hello to the eyes in the sky. The NYS Thruway has installed the last of the gantries - the trusses spanning the roadway - as part of a project that will allow cameras to detect an EZ Pass or the license plates of vehicles passing by, and then charge you for the toll. Over 2,000 cameras will be mounted to the 23 foot high gantries.

Credit: NYS Thruway Authority
Credit: NYS Thruway Authority
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Motorists are encouraged to sign up for E-ZPass, which is the most convenient way to pay tolls on the Thruway. E-ZPass tags are sold at retail locations across the state and motorists can also sign up online.

The installation of the last of 70 gantries is a big milestone in the $355 million project, according to the Thruway Authority.

The system is not yet online, but is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2020. Eventually, all the toll booths will be removed, allowing drivers to drive seamlessly along the Thruway without having to stop or slow down for tolls. The toll booths will be removed in phases, until then, drivers will still have to slow down as they pass through the booths.


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