Upstate New York is getting its star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this year. Now you can be in more movies, and get paid for it.

First, Ben Stiller became mesmerized with the Utica Train Station for his film projects last summer. Then, Utica, became the new Hallmark spot for a Christmas film in production this year. Now, Paramount Productions is calling Upstate New Yorkers to come onto a major motion picture project (and the best part is, they want to pay you for it)

What film is asking for Upstate New Yorkers to smile for the camera? Paramount Production is filming the sequel of the film Smile. The 2022 horror film was a terrifying hit for Paramount, both in theater and on its streaming service, Paramount+.

Paramount is on the hunt for 2000 background actors for the production of Smile 2. As the film wants a diverse range of extras, all are welcome; experience is not a requirement to make your actoral debut in this film! From January 31st  to March 12th of this year, this Paramount Motion Picture will be shot in Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, and Albany, NY! And again… the best part is that they want to pay you!

The rates for background extras are as follows:

Nonunion Rate: $128/8
SAG Background Artist Rate: $208/8
SAG Stand-In Rate: $243/8

So, if you’re ready to show your pearly whites and take a chance, you can express your interest, availability, and interest in working on this major motion feature, you can start by emailing with the subject line “Upstate BG Artist.” Good luck!

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