The struggle of home schooling is real in central New York and we have the hilarious pictures to prove it.

Zimberly Davis' 16-year-old son Zak is learning about real life at his school.

Home Economics

Photo Credit - Kimberly Carney Davis

Car Maintenance in Auto Body

Photo Credit - Kimberly Carney Davis

Field Trip

Photo Credit - Kimberly Carney Davis

Mom may be loving the new classes, but it looks like Zak is ready to go back to school.

Parents are doing their best to create lessons that are fun and educational.


Photo Credit - Karen Boone Barton

Yoga in Phys Ed

Photo Credit - Brandy Elizabeth Twiss


Photo Credit - Andria Monahan

Let's not forget recess to allow parents time to get a little work done. The problem is, they want to come in every 5 minutes.


Photo Credit - Tina Tallarino Abdoo

It's hard to tell who's more frustrated, the parents or the kids. Travis, got himself detention after throwing his work in the yard.

Detention After Throwing Work in the Yard

Photo Credit - Shawn Hopkins-Green

Home schooling is giving parents and kids a whole new appreciation for our teachers. Thank you for educating and putting up with our children every day. It's not an easy task!

First Day of Home School Pictures