Snapchat, the popular photo-sharing app, has added a new feature that is raising concerns among parents and law enforcement. The new feature, called 'Snap Map', allows users to locate other users on a map; the locations provided are very accurate.

Teens and children who use the app often enable location-determining features because it allows users to access location specific filters to enhance photographs. For example, when we recently visited Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, Snapchat provided Red Sox related filters for photos.

Parents can take two steps to protect their children and teens from potential dangers of strangers using the new Snap Map feature to locate or make personal contact with kids.

First, recommends that children only connect with people they know in real life on social media. Often, predators will pose as other children on the internet to entice kids to connect.

Second, parents can disable the 'Snap Map' feature by entering 'ghost mode' in Snapchat. To do this, pinch your fingers together on the photo screen to enter the 'Snap Map'. Then, click the icon in the upper right-hand corner to access the settings. Toggle 'Ghost Mode' to 'on'. Alternatively, you can enter the settings on the phone itself and turn Location Services for the entire app.

Be sure to take these steps to keep your kids safe!


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