Never ever ever ever ever steal the spotlight from the bride.

In what may the most memorable wedding photo (as found on Reddit) you'll ever see, a bridesmaid passes out just as the bride and groom share their first kiss after saying their "I dos."

So, the bride and groom are smooching and the bridesmaid -- who happens to be the groom's sister -- tumbles to the ground like a leaf on a windy day.

There's no word on what happened to her, but this could certainly go one of several ways in this family. Maybe the bride was steamed someone stole her thunder on the big day. And maybe she and her new hubby set the record for quickest time for a newly-married couple to have their first fight when she told her husband she knew putting his sister in the wedding party would lead to trouble.

Or maybe a cute groomsman stepped in to check on the woman and that led to their first date, which will make a great story if they end up getting hitched.

Or maybe the other bridesmaid in the photo actually showed some humanity by leaning down to check in on her.

The possibilities feel endless. All we know is the couple definitely has an interesting go-to story to lead things off when someone asks them, "How was your wedding?"

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