Demi Lovato is keeping things #CoolFortheSummer — and she's currently slaying our latest summer song poll — but a less-than-smooth move of hers was captured on camera yesterday (July 5).

Demi was on the roof of the WaterMarke Tower in L.A, putting in an appearance at KIIS FM's summer pool party. Standing at the ledge of a swimming pool filled with fans, as more looked on from behind her, she slipped on the pool ledge and came down hard. The singer's likely sporting a nasty bruise on her hip this morning, and that tumble does not look fun.

Fortunately, because she's Demi, she shook it off immediately. After a couple of guys helped her up, she jumped into the pool herself for some water therapy. Like the old saying goes, "When life hands you a concert appearance on a kind-of-unsafe slippery surface, turn it into an opportunity to do a sick cannonball." That's an expression, right?

Like a true champion, Demi even made fun of herself in the above Instagram post, offering up a slowed-down edit of her fall soundtracked by her (excellent) new single. One onlooker clamps her hand over her mouth, in a slo-mo "Demi, noooooo!" gesture of sympathy, and then everyone cheers at her quick recovery. Ms. Lovato's caption says, "#NOTCoolForTheSummer #F---ckIt [crying emojis]," but being able to poke fun at yourself is actually very cool. Well played, lady.

Demi also tweeted, "Well...It's not a tour without busting ass!" We're already looking forward to the tour to support her much-anticipated new album, which she's calling a "game changer." In the meantime, we hope she steers clear of wet stages.

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