It's not the first time Paula Abdul has been called kooky.  It happened alot when she was on 'American Idol.'  Now her employees are reportedly disclosing some of her bizarre antics, according to "US Weekly." 

If your're on the payroll with Paula, these are some of your job requirements:

1.  A tape recorder must be carried at all time.  Yes, each of Paula's assistants must both carry and use a tape recorder always "because she doesn't trust her own conversations."

2.  TIVO Paula.  Her assistants must check  TIVO for any mention of Paula and then put it on a DVD.

3.  Read and answer her emails.  Apparently Paula is too busy to read her emails and write back, so her assistants do that for her, even with family emails.  But they write back as "Paula."

4.  Ego boost.  Paula wants to be reminded alot that she's a "warrior, survivor and gift."

What do you think?  True or pure fiction?