paula abdul

What Would Paula Think?
If you like covers of your favorite 80's pop songs, you're in for an extremely unique rendition of Paula Abdul's hit "Straight Up" from 1988.
Paula Abdul’s Zany Job Requirements
It's not the first time Paula Abdul has been called kooky.  It happened alot when she was on 'American Idol.'  Now her employees are reportedly disclosing some of her bizarre antics, according to "US Weekly."
Mariah Carey Is Hilarious in Kooky HSN Appearance [VIDEO]
Pop diva Mariah Carey was clearly in a good (read: wacky) mood Sunday night when she appeared on HSN to promote her jewelry and fashion line.
The always-unpredictable Grammy winner, known for her zany on-camera antics, had viewers laughing as much as they were buying as she made a number of off-the-c…
Paula Abdul’s New Dance Competition
Paula Abdul returns to Reality TV tonight with a new dance competition called Live To Dance.  I'll be checking it out if only for Paula.  If you think, like me, that it was the judges that made American Idol, then you'll want to see Paula's gushing, fawning, contestant prais…