Beth is an unwavering fan of Jif peanut butter. Ever since her formative years in Brooklyn and Staten Island, right through to today, it’s always been Jif for Beth.

She’s so absolutely Jif-or-nothing, she boasted on the air that she could instantly tell the difference between Jif and other brands. So, another episode of Beth & Dave Try was born. Rules of the challenge were established and supplies were procured.

First stop was the North Utica Walmart. They had everything except smooth Peter Pan, which we found later at Hannaford. We included a jar of Great Value peanut butter, on a tip from our listeners.

With the lineup of brands set, plastic spoons were marked 1 through 4, corresponding to digits on the four jars of creamy peanut butter. Then, the tasting began, as Beth randomly grabbed spoons with small dollops of peanut butter off a paper plate. Here’s the video:

Beth was so confident in her Jif-detecting abilities, she declined the option of crackers or water as a palate-cleanser. was no contest. Beth really had little hesitation in identifying the Jif, and dismissing the others with a sour face.

If the fate of the universe ever came down to a peanut butter taste-off, Beth would have to be your go-to girl. How about you? Could you tell? Do you prefer Jif, Skippy, Peter Pan, Great Value or some other brand?


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