Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards joined the dizzying slew of celebrity breakups yesterday (August 4), as Zayn reportedly ended their two-year engagement. While most of us agonize over the embarrassment that comes with changing your Facebook relationship status from "in a relationship" to "single," Perrie had to ignore the deafening media reaction to the news while publicly soldiering through promo for Little Mix's upcoming Get Weird album.

In fact, the quartet sat down for an E! interview just hours after the news broke, and the reporter took the opportunity to ask Perrie how she was. Like a true pro, she worked her facial muscles into a reasonably convincing smile. Perrie offered a simple "I'm good, thank you," though lunging toward the woman while screaming "HOW THE !@#$%% DO YOU THINK I'M DOING?" must have been tempting. Her bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock came to the rescue, saying "We don't really want to talk about it." Way to "Pretend It's OK," team.

As certain ice-cold Zayn fans celebrated the demise of #Zerrie, Mixers evidently rallied around Perrie — and the Little Mix member voiced her gratitude on Twitter.

"Just want to thank all my family, friends and fans for helping me get through this hard time! Because of you all I'm still smiling," she wrote. She also offered an advance apology for any hints of (understandable) melancholy in the near future: "I'm trying to stay strong, but its natural to feel heartbroken so if I come across quiet when meeting fans, I'm sorry! I do love you all lots."

Meanwhile, Zayn chose to maintain a sphinx-like silence, tweeting an explanation-free photo of a lily drawing atop piano keys. We feel for the former couple, but is it selfish to hope for breakup anthems from them both?

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