Shopping for your friends, family, coworkers - everyone on your holiday gift list, can get pretty expensive, pretty fast. Here are a few ideas to make your holiday gifts a little more unique, and cheap, too…

1 – Personalized Gift Baskets

Gift Basket
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Anyone can go to the store and buy a gift basket, but making your own is a lot cheaper, and a lot more fun. You can go to the dollar store, or just about any supermarket, pick out a basket, and start filling it with small gifts. Buying the candy, snacks, (and whatever else you decide to fill the basket with) separate, will actually give you more of the product. That way, you can fill up the basket faster, and make more than one. Plus, it gives you the chance to make it really personal, and put gifts in the basket that are all perfect for that special person.

2 - Make Your Own Gift Tags

Cutting Tags And Ribbon
(Photo by Jeff Brass/Getty Images)

You can buy a sheet or two of construction paper, cut the paper into festive holiday shapes and designs, and decorate them yourself. Punch a hole in the corner of the tag, and use a ribbon to tie it around the gift. Construction paper is cheap, and it really gives that personal feel.

3 –  Cookies or Candies Are Always A Great Idea

Holiday Cookies
Photo By: Alex Wong/Getty Images News

Everyone loves treats during the holiday season. Again, you can pick up a cheap basket, or container at the dollar store, or just about any supermarket. Buy ingredients to make a few different kinds of cookies, and make your own Christmas goodie bags. You can buy a few bags of candy from the store as well, to fill up your cookie container.