Do-It-Yourself Insect Repellent That Works
I feel like every time I step outside at home, I have to apply bug spray because I get attacked by all the different kinds of bugs. I saw an a DIY "recipe" floating around on Facebook for a homemade insect repellent, and decided to try it for myself.
Last-Minute DIY Costumes
Maybe you want to be the kind of person that can spend hours getting a Halloween costume ready for the big day...but you're just not. Not to worry, here are some great last minute costumes ideas you can put together just in time for your favorite CNY Halloween event.
Unfinished Home DIY Projects
We all start our home improvement projects with the best of intentions; get it done quickly and under-budget, but somehow that doesn't happen. Why do our very best intentions go awry?
Be A Little More Personal
Shopping for your friends, family, coworkers - everyone on your holiday gift list, can get pretty expensive, pretty fast. Here are a few ideas to make your holiday gifts a little more unique, and cheap, too…
10 DIY Christmas Ornaments You Can Make Right Now
Why drop a ton of money on holiday ornaments when you can make your own with stuff you probably have lying around the house anyway? Here's 10 DIY holiday ornaments that'll make your friends and family think you should have your own HGTV show and keep your kids busy crafting long enough for you to use the bathroom uninterrupted: