Firefighters from three Central New York departments are heroes after working together to rescue a Shih Tzu from an icy pond.

The dog became stuck on the icy Seneca River after chasing a flock of geese, according to the Plainville Fire Department. The leash froze to the ice about 30 yards from shore.

Credit - Plainville Fire Dept. via Facebook
Credit - Plainville Fire Dept. via Facebook

Specialized rescue equipment was brought in to help firefighters crawl across the ice and safely bring the dog back to shore.

Plainville FD would like to thank Northwest and Jordan Fire Departments for their assistance and specialized rescue equipment.

Check out photos from the Plainville Fire Department of the amazing rescue.

Firefighters Work Together to Rescue Dog Stuck on Frozen Ice

Three emergency response teams in Onondaga County worked together to rescue a dog that became trapped on the ice after chasing some geese.

Police Officers Pulls Pooch From Icy Pond

This isn't the first dog to get stuck on the ice while chasing geese recently. Earlier this month a Lewiston Police Officer rescued Kona, a 10 month-old lab, that fell through an icy pond.

Credit - Lewiston Police Dept. via Facebook
Credit - Lewiston Police Dept. via Facebook

Police cam video shows officer Jon Smith running towards the dog, removing his equipment along the way, and going in after him.

Fire Rescue

Officer Smith has only been with the Lewiston Police Department in Niagara County, New York for 18 months and he's already made two rescues. Last October he pulled a woman from a burning home, a heroic act recently recognized by the city.

“People think a lot of times that we are just here to give out tickets or arrest people,” Chief Frank Previte told WIVB. “The truth of the matter is, this is more of the thing we do every day.”

The owner of the dog, who asked to remain anonymous, sent a letter to the department, thanking officer Smith for his actions.

Kona and I and everybody that loves her are extremely grateful for officer Smith's selflessness and courage. You should be proud to have him as a member of the Lewiston Police Department. His professionalism and bravery should be applauded. I have witnessed countless acts of selfless heroism, Officer Jon Smith’s actions rank high in my book. Kona and I will visit the police station soon to thank Officer Smith once again for his outstanding service.

Well done Officer Smith! "We gave him a 6 out of 10 on the landing in the beginning, but a 10 out of 10 for the rescue," the Police Department joked.

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