We had one big party for fight night at Tony's in Washington Mills. The brawls lacked action but bonding with friends and family was pure satisfaction!   


I'm a huge fan of mixed martial arts. When I was living in Sacramento, I spent way too much money to watch UFC 65 at Arco Arena. I had nose bleed seats, and I couldn't really see much of the fight, but it was still really cool to feel a part of the action. When I moved to Utica, I was especially thrilled to learn that UFC fighter Matt Hamill has a home here. I was even more excited when I realized that he watches many of the events at one of my favorite places to hang out, Tony's Pizzeria in Washington Mills.

Since I'm a huge fan of chicken wings, it's not uncommon for me to round up my friends and relatives to go watch the fights with me. The last time we went, our waitress was extremely patient and she even tolerated my finicky chicken wing pet peeves. The wings she served up were awesome, but I always want at least 2 extra sides of blue cheese and extra sauce.

Just Jen and I talked about our latest experience at Tony's.