It's another 'Third Thursday' event in Little Falls, and this month's focus is going to be on delicious, hot pizza. Pizza, that you'll get to sample and vote on.

If you haven't noticed or seen it yet, Little Falls has been bring a special celebration to their City every third Thursday of the month, hence the name "Third Thursday." From their "Health and Wellness"-themed Third Thursday in May to their "A Midsummer Night's Picnic" for July, the Little Falls YMCA, Main StreetFirst, Think Local and Little Falls Tourism Committee have worked together to put on some great family-friendly events in the area.

Of course, that's no different for September, and this month's theme is awesome, especially if you like food. And more specifically, pizza. It's their 4th annual pizza challenge.

This Third Thursday celebration gives you the opportunity to sample some great pizzas from Little Falls and vote for your favorite one. According to the Think Local Little Falls Pizza Challenge Facebook Event Page, you can buy a ticket for $5 and that allows you to get a slice of pizza from four different pizzerias in Little Falls. After you sample all the pizzas, you can wrap up your "pizza tour" at II Caffe, where you'll get to enjoy a dessert. You'll also get to cast your vote for the best pizza at II Caffe.

The pizzerias involved in the 2018 Pizza Challenge are:

- Ruggiero's Trattoria
- Ed's Pizza Place
- Italian Fest
- Pizza Boys

Five bucks = Four slices of pizza and a dessert. And a vote towards the pizzeria you like the best. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?! Not only that, but there will be live music from 4pm to 8pm that you can enjoy while sampling your pizza, or watching others sample pizza (if you don't want to take part in the event).

It's a Third Thursday celebration, which means it happens the Third Thursday of September (obviously), on the 20th, right on Main Street in Little Falls. You can get more details on the Pizza Challenge and this Third Thursday event by visiting the Facebook Event Page at: Pizza Challenge 2018. Tickets are available now at any of the pizzerias participating in this event, or you can wait until the day of the event. There will be a ticket booth set up from 4pm to 7pm on September 20th.




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