The Devereux's taps are closing down again.

John Devereux's Tavern, located in downtown Utica, near the Oneida County Municipal office building, has ceased operations.

Here's the official word on the tavern's Facebook page:

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that John Devereux’s Tavern is officially closed. With the passing of our beloved landlord George and ownership issues beyond our control we were forced to close our doors. We’d like to take this time to to thank all of our loyal customers, employees, friends, and family for their continued support.

Credit: John Devereux's Tavern Facebook page
Credit: John Devereux's Tavern Facebook page

That announcement was posted late Wednesday afternoon, July 24. Many comments were posted about the move. Showtime musician Justin Smithson said: "Call it what you want, John Devereux's Tavern at the corner of Devereux St. and Charlotte St. has been a staple in Downtown Utica for decades."

For more info, check back with the tavern's Facebook page.

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