Wherever you go, it seems like you can always find Funko Pops. Funko Pops are little vinyl figures that look similar to bobbleheads. They are popular to collect among children and adults alike.

A new set pays homage to a popular episode of a famous SitCom that happens to take place in Utica.

Among the numerous series' that Funko Pops take characters from for their designs is The Office. The popular NBC Sitcom ended its nine-season run back in 2013 but is still extremely popular today. There are currently 77 The Office Funko Pops available.

Something common with Funko Pops is they will often make different variations of the same character, making some Funko Pop variations rare and collectible if you have the right variant. A new variant exclusive to Wal-Mart is now available for preorder. It is a three-pack containing characters Michael, Jim, and Dwight donning costumes they wore in an episode where the trio went to Utica.


The episode centers around the three going to another branch of their company, Dunder Mifflin, in Utica to play pranks since one of their employees is transferring to Utica.

To try to get around without raising attention they dress up as Utica warehouse workers and wear fake mustaches, which are the outfits depicted on the Pop figures. The episode is also famous for Dwight telling the regional manager, "We will burn Utica to the ground!"

The episode is a fan favorite and is very well known among The Office fandom. When I would sometimes meet people not from the area and I would tell them I lived near Utica I would often get the response, "That's that place from The Office!"

If you would like to get your own The Office Utica Funko Pops they are available for preorder now on Wal-Mart's website.

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