It sure seems like a lot of movies are filming in the Syracuse area lately. This time, one of the more popular stars from 'The Office' will be part of the filming.

Rainn Wilson definitely has a lot of diversity in the way he is able to act. If you've only ever seen his work on the massively popular television show The Office, you might think he could only do comedy. That is so far from the truth though. Wilson actually has three Emmy nominations to his credit and has been in quite a few well-respected movies. Movies like Juno and Blackbird.  In those movies, he showed he can do really well with being serious as well.

Now he will be bringing that skillset to a coming-of-age film called "Empire Waist". Deadline is referring to the movie as a dramedy that is body positive. That should give you a good idea of what the film will be like. Filming is being done just outside Syracuse in Liverpool at the American High Production Studios, which actually are located at a former high school.

We are in a day in age where many movies don't have staying power. A lot of films just don't feel all too memorable. However, this movie definitely seems like it can resonate with many people who have dealt with, or are dealing with, a similar issue to the main star Mia Kaplin's character. That issue is an insecurity with weight.

At this exact moment, there is no release date planned for the film according to But we are sure excited to see it when it does come out.

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