It's the first time this has happened since before Halloween.

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Oneida County has gone four consecutive days without reporting a COVID-19 related death.  The last time Oneida County health officials were able to report no deaths, four-days running, was between October 27 through November 2 - a run of five consecutive days.

The county actually saw a horrible streak that ran from the day before Thanksgiving (Nov 25) through January 20 - marking at least one virus related death each day over that time.

Graphic of Oneida County COVID deaths by day - March 8, 2021 (via
Graphic of Oneida County COVID deaths by day - March 8, 2021 (via

And, the news on new positive cases is improving, too. There were 35 new cases added in Monday's update. The county's 3-day average of new cases is no hovering in the mid-30. Mid-February marked a low-water mark for average cases when it dropped below 25, so the for a day, however, it's now where near where the Utica-area was after the post-holiday surge that saw the county's daily average case total at about 320 (319).

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The total number of county residents hospitalized for treatment of the virus is a 32. Over the weekend that had been as low as 29,dipping to under 30 for the first time since early November. The county's active case total is under 500 (495) for the first time since November 9.

In Herkimer County, that daily report couldn't be too much better than seen on Monday. Health officials have now gone six consecutive days without a virus related death and added just two new COVID positive test cases.

Herkimer County's active case total stands at 64. Of those, eight are receiving hospital care for their symptoms.

Since the pandemic began, Oneida County has seen 397 coronavirus deaths, while Herkimer County has lost 98.


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