Well the Holidays maybe behind us but as long as there's snow on the ground it's safe to assume that any "Christmas Vacation" reference is still relevant.

I was traveling down Black River Boulevard in Rome when I noticed a Burger King sign that read "Now Hiring Losers." When I saw this, I immediately lost it. I had to pull my car over because I was laughing so hard. For some reason this struck me as extremely hilarious. Whoever was assigned this lettering job felt compelled to leave out the "C." It probably should have read 'Now Hiring Closers." Needless to say, someone knew I needed a laugh that day.

Down in New Jersey, some ”Christmas Vacation" fans decided to change a highway sign along the Garden State Parkway to read: "Clark Griswold." The sign originally read: "Clark and Westfield."

State Police spokesman Sgt. Gregory Williams confirms photos of the sign posted on social media are real.PICTURE: (Syracuse.com)

The New Jersey State Police conferred with the Turnpike Authority and eventually the sign for exit 135 was restored to its original state but I wonder if the two at least shared a chuckle over this silly stunt first.





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