When you're trying to cram a lot of words on a (relatively) small sign, sometimes you need to abbreviate - but you might want to think it through, just so you don't send the wrong message.

Alexis snapped this picture on the Village Green in Clinton saying "They need to change this sign lol I about rear ended someone in Clinton taking a double take at this!"

I'm pretty sure they meant the Clinton Methodist Church - but you never know - maybe this is a new version on "Just Say No." Or maybe it's the Clinton Mess, but the person writing it had a lisp?

Nah, they're probably just trying to cram all those big words on the sign and they just ran out of room - but they might want to spell out METHODIST and perhaps just drop the CHURCH - that's implied, right?

But hey, the Clinton Methodist Church has Preschool Summer Camp from June 11-14, and you can register now  - just call 315-853-3358.

What's the funniest church sign you've ever seen?



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