Apparently once you get accepted into Harvard, you suddenly have friends in high places. Utica teenager, Hilda Jordan recently got invited to the White House where she met the Prez!

The closest I've ever come to meeting the President was back in 2012 when I was working in Nashville. The radio station I worked at overlooked one BNA airport's runways. I was hosting my show when Air Force One landed in Music City so unfortunately I wasn't able to get an up close and personal look of his descent.

As soon as he departed however, I rushed out to the airport to catch a glimpse of Mr. Obama's ascent.

Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images
Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

The fence separating the President and me was lined with Secret Service personnel and there was a good reason I didn't try getting too close; in 2007, the former morning show hosts attempted to scale the same fence in the hopes of meeting and video taping President Bush. They never got to air their "epic " radio bit because they were fired on the spot.

“He told us that it was all of our duties to, once we become successful, to reach back and not only share personal excellence, but common excellence,” Jordan, 17, said, noting she got to shake the president’s hand. “He said it’s our duty to see other succeed.”

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