President Barrack Obama
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President Barack Obama stars in a Buzzfeed video of "Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About." Also in the video is Buzzfeed's own Andrew Ilnyckyj, who just so happens to be our Townsquare Digital Guy (Joe)'s former roommate. So, we talked to Joe about his roommate, and about the awesome video.

The video is blowing up online. It shows two people - Andrew and President Obama. It cuts away to both characters doing everything from making faces in the mirror, to taking selfies, to shooting invisible baskets.



Buzzfeed's Andrew Ilnckyj happens to be an old roommate of our digital guy - Joe. So, I talked to him earlier today about his former roommate, and get the inside scoop on this video.

I first asked Joe how long he knew Andrew, and if he was always this funny, awkward character that he portrays in his Buzzfeed Videos.

Andrew was my suitemate my freshman year of college, and then my roommate my sophomore year. We lived together all four years (including in an apartment). So I've known him since 2008. He has ALWAYS been this character, but I always tell people this: I don't think I realized that this was funny to others. It always amused me. It always amused our friends. But I never expected him to become an internet sensation. A LOT of the things he does in these videos are things that he used to every day anyway.

Joe went on to explain a time when Andrew would do crazy, funny things while they were roommates.

Our college furniture came in a few pieces that could be dis-assembled pretty easily. So I was at work one Saturday, and Andrew took apart all of my dorm furniture. He moved my closet to the shower. Then Andrew disassembled my bed in the dorm room, and he hid all of the pieces throughout the floor that we lived on. So he left my headboard in the floor's common room, he left my mattress in a friend's room down the hall. That was definitely the craziest scavenger hunt of my life. I just wanted to go to bed!

Joe says they still keep in contact - actually the whole group of roommates and friends still talk and text often. He says he recently found out how much of a big deal Andrew is after he found out there's a fairly popular fan page on Instagram of him. There's even a Buzzfeed fan page for him!

I  asked Joe about how he felt knowing someone, who was able to do a video like this - with the President.

Today our group of friends texted Andrew about the video, and his reaction was very nonchalant about the whole thing. That is how Andrew has been about the fame. I like cannot wrap my head around the fact that one of my best friend's made a video with the president. I told Andrew today, "I cannot believe this is real life."

Wow! How cool for Andrew... and for Joe! I don't think any of my friends are going to become that big, and get a chance to hangout with The President (sorry friends).




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