Can you imagine what it must be like being the President?  So many things on your plate and each day can bring new problems and tough decisions to be made.  Plus, the eyes of the world are on you 24/7.   You can't just stroll down the street, go for a quick jog or grab a newspaper and a cup of coffee.  Being anonymous is out of the question and President Obama misses that. 

He told Heart Magazine executives recently that he misses being anonymous and doing everyday people things, like rolling out of bed on a Saturday morning, not shaving, and going to the grocery store with his two daughters.  Part of the reason why he likes golfing so much is because it lets him escape the "bubble" and spend four hours outside.  What would he like to do, if he could be anonymous again?  He'd like to go to Central Park and spend the day people watching.  Unfortunately, Mr. President, I think those days are gone forever.