How strange is it that Prince, the man who once diligently worked to keep his music off the web and who in 2010 declared "The Internet is dead," is now leaking new material online to create buzz? We don't quite understand the abrupt change in tactics, but we will never complain about receiving new music from the purple genius, like his latest offering, 'Breakfast Can Wait.'

As the title implies, Prince sings about an unforgettable night in the bedroom: "You really put it on me / You shut it down last night / I thought the police were gon' come / Loud? Yeah, quite / I ain't trying to make you blush / I just think you're great / There ain't no need to rush / Breakfast can wait."

It's not quite 'Erotic City,' but Prince doesn't sing about sex much anymore, so we'll take it. The Chipmunk-sounding vocals at the end of the song are a little odd, but not enough to overshadow the falsetto, finger snaps, and smooth soul vibe of the track.

'Breakfast Can Wait' joins 'Screw Driver' and 'Same Page, Different Book' as recent surprise online releases from Prince's camp. Perhaps these leaks are all part of the build-up to the March 7 Prince tribute concert at Carnegie Hall, which features Elvis Costello, D'Angelo and the Roots, among others.

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