Earlier this summer, the Internet buzzed with adoration over Rachel McAdams' 'The Notebook' audition. The actress, however, reacted quite differently when presented with the recently resurfaced footage.

During an appearance on the 'TODAY' show today (July 22), host Matt Lauer played the 12-year-old video for Rachel, who admitted that she had never seen it. As she watched the footage, the actress covered her face and tried to hide her reaction.

"Why are you cringing? You got the part!" Matt joked.

As it turns out, Rachel isn't the only one whose emotions were exposed during the interview. Al Roker recalled a time when Matt openly wept on a plane while watching 'The Notebook.'

"Embrace it," Rachel said with a laugh. "I love that. It's very sweet."

Apparently, lots of men get in touch with their sensitive sides while viewing 'The Notebook.'

"Men want to confess that they've cried and it felt good," Rachel admitted.

Watch her full interview -- she also reveals which boy band she loved -- in the video above!

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