Fifteen years after its release, The Notebook is still one of the most romantic movies of all time, but did you know Britney Spears almost played Allie opposite Ryan Gosling's Noah?

It's a little fact that few fans know, Rachel McAdams beat out quite a few actresses for the part, including Gosling's former Mickey Mouse Club co-star, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Biel and Ashley Judd. It turns out the pop star auditioned for the infamous role... and she was really good, too.

“We met with a lot of actresses, and they were all very good,” Gosling told Entertainment Tonight back in 2005 before revealing he screen-tested with Spears. "I hadn’t seen her really since she was about 12—we were both 12—so she’s grown up, but she was really good, actually. She did a really nice job. We were 12, I don’t remember much from when I was 12, but yeah, no, she did an excellent job, actually. That was cool.”

“I’m sure Britney would have done a great job!” McAdams added. “I’m sure it would have been a totally different movie, but yeah, I just heard that the other day. I had no idea! I was very fortunate."

Before the movie found it's cast, Spears actually did an interview in 2001, in which she discusses how excited she is about the project. Though she doesn't say it was The Notebook, she mentions it was a love story.

"What would excite me? Probably to get this amazing movie, this script that I read. They already have someone doing it, but I would die if I got to do it," she revealed. "It's the most amazing script I ever read."

We're sure the "Oops I Did It Again" singer did a fantastic job in her audition. After all, she did kill it in Crossroads, however, we can't imagine The Notebook without McAdams as Allie—and based on her incredible audition tape, we can clearly tell the casting director chose her in the end.

The Notebook Cast: Then & Now

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