Just after all the news with the University of Missouri, now students at Ithaca College are taking a stand. Activists are demanding that their president step down, due to racial injustice on the campus.

Walkout at Ithaca College November 11, 2015
Photo Credit: IthacanOnline via YouTube

Students at Ithaca College in Upstate New York staged a walkout due to racial tension and injustice that has been happening on the campus for quite some time now. The walkout demanded that the president of the college - Tom Rochon resign from his position. Some believe that Rochon has not been handling these reports of racism in the way he should - in the way the president of a campus should handle it.

Apparently racial issues and tension has been growing on the campus. According to CNN,

Ithaca has been rocked recently by several racially charged episodes, including a frat party last month whose invitation urged people to come as "Preps" or "Crooks." The suggested "Preps" attire included a polo shirt, khakis and boat shoes while "Crooks" were to be dressed in "thuggish style" with baggy sweats and "bling." After a flood of complaints, the party was canceled.

Student activists are asking other students and faculty to take a vote on the campus president - 'confidence' or 'no confidence,' and they're asking the votes to be in by November 30. Even if most vote for 'no confidence' and demand the president step down, there isn't anything actually forcing him to step down, but it will send a message to those in charge and part of the board of the college.

The walkout happened this past Wednesday (November 11th), with hundreds of students joining in on the protest. Chants, protest signs, and speaking out on the issues continued throughout the afternoon. Just before 3pm the walkout ended, according to 'The Ithacan' and students returned to class.




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