When you think of yoga, you likely think of a relaxed, meditative experience where everyone tries their best not to fart. Rage yoga is not that.

You're far more likely to hear naughty language and laughter, rather then deep breathing and 'om's at a rage yoga class. Instead, rage yoga encourages you to release stress with traditional yoga poses, mixed with swearing and alcohol.

Sign. Me. Up. 

You can give it a try right here in Utica, at outside Sickenberger Lane (now Sicken@624) on June 12, from 7 - 9pm. The event is called 'Effin' Warrior Yoga' and is being conducted by Rebel Roots Yoga, founded by the Rebecca Spataro-Kearns.

That means you'll get to spend a night venting your frustrations with other like-minded folks right on Varick Street, enjoy the awesome space that is the newly-renovated Sicken@624 and enjoy an adult beverage.

The event's description is as follows:

Eff. This. Yoga. Evolved! Welcome to EFFIN' WARRIOR YOGA! All the edge, movement, mental release and bad-assery embraced rolled into one effin' unique yoga class.
Even freaking better - OUTSIDE in the kick ass space of Sickenberger Lane!!! (Can I get a f&$# yea!?!?!) 21 and over! Bar will be open!

You can purchase tickets and learn more HERE.

Namaste, badasses.


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