There is a very strong altruistic side to the internet's social news site reddit. Users give and request gifts for the holiday season on the Random Acts of Christmas subreddit.

How it Works

Log on to reddit and r/RandomActsofChristmas

Verify your account with the mods

Then post the items you're hoping to receive for Christmas OR what items you're willing to donate to someone in need.

The wishlists are complied via an Amazon Wishlist

Addresses are swapped privately and the secret Santas mail the requested items.

The moderators at r/RandomActsofChristmas have provided video tutorials to help you thought the process.

Other Random Giving Subreddits

reddit is filled with forums matching generous gift givers with those in need.

r/RandomKindness for all kinds of giving

r/RandomActsOfCards to request or send greeting or post cards

r/RandomActofPizza yes, for requesting or sending a pizza delivery

r/RandomActsofPetFood because it's not just people who could use some random kindness