A rapless version of 'Bang Bang'? We'll be honest, we're not sure how we feel about the song without Nicki Minaj's rapid-fire verse.

According to Idolator, Jessie J and Ariana Grande released a rendition of the song without the catchy rap, leaving pop music fans understandably scratching their heads.

The new rendition sounds an awful lot like the original, until around the 1:50 mark. Instead of hearing Nicki's signature rapping skills, there's some harmonies from Jessie and Ariana. The track still sounds good, although a fan of the song will immediately sense the change.

We'll admit, we're a little confused about this version. First, 'Bang Bang' was teased as a collaboration between three of music's great female powerhouses. Taking one of them out of the mix just doesn't feel right. Second, Jessie and Ariana sound absolutely fabulous, but Nicki's rap verse grounds the song and adds in an additional layer of swagger.

What do you think of the rapless version of 'Bang Bang'? Listen for yourself in the Soundcloud above!

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