Now here's a car you don't see everyday: A 1953 Packard Cavalier is being sold on eBay in Broadalbin, New York -- less than 90 minutes from the Mohawk Valley. And it's in pretty decent shape for being 68 years old.

The seller says it was a barn find and was last registered in California in 1996 -- and because it's a California car, it's virtually rust free.

"I found this in a warehouse with a bunch of old collector cars an older gentleman could no longer care for. This car has been indoors since it was last registered in California in 1996. This car is completely rust free!"

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The Packard Motor Car Company was a high-end auto manufacturer out of Detroit, Michigan, that lasted from 1899 to 1956. Packards are considered by some to be the "Rolls Royce of North America."

Before World War II, Packards developed a strong following with the upper class and competed with other luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz. Warren G. Harding was driven to his 1921 inauguration in a Packard, which was a first for the time.

Like most automobile companies, production was halted during WWII so that manufacturing could be shifted to the war efforts. The company had a hard time finding its footing after that. It purchased Studebaker in 1953 in an attempt to compete with Ford and GM, but the business folded a few years later. The last Packard built in Detroit was 1956.

So what we have for sale here is a rare "late model" Packard, in a beautiful green color that has retained much of its luster.

The eBay listing has a list of mechanical alterations & fixes that have been made. These include rebuilt fuel & water pumps, a new ignition switch, new hoses, and more. You can get a more detailed tour of the car in this YouTube video posted by the seller:

The eBay auction ends on Saturday afternoon, so if you're interested, you better act quickly.

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