There are tons of delicious options for dining out in Utica. If you're looking for something new or something highly-raved about, here's your list.

All lists like this are not created equal - It depends on who creates the list, what factors of a restaurant are being judged (is it just the food, the atmosphere, the servers, or a combination of a few things), and what kind of price range is included. And depending on whether a site is using information from your computer or location to figure out whether a restaurant is a good fit for you, is also a factor.

This list was created by Facebook. After searching out "Utica, New York" - Facebook brings you to an informational page about the city that includes things to see and do in the area, places your friends have "check-in," upcoming events in the city, and of course popular restaurants. Here is the Top 10 from their recommended list:

 10. The Celtic Harp

9. Desserts Beyond the Ordinary

8. Pelletiere Joes

7. Napoli's Italian Bakery

6. The Willows of Utica

5. The DEV

4. Cafe Hummus

3. Nail Creek Pub & Brewery

2. Zeina's Cafe

1. The Tailor and the Cook

Granted, Facebook created these recommendations based specifically on the user's account - Factoring in what friends have "checked in," reviewed, and tagged the restaurants. It was also based on restaurants and pages that the user has already liked, among many, many other elements - So not everyone's "recommended list" is exactly the same. Check it out for yourself, and see what Facebook recommends for you - Just search "Utica, New York" and go to "recommended places."




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