While we're still in the grips of storm after storm in Central New York, let's take a moment to remember what was happening last year at this time. Winter Storm Stella blanketed the area with more snow than most of us have ever seen from one storm.

Measuring the Snow From Winter Storm Stella

This was a massive snow maker - here's a look at totals from around the state according to the Weather Channel:

  • West Winfield reported 42 inches.
  • Utica, and the Utica area, reported 36 inches.
  • Binghamton reported 31.9 inches.
  • Rochester reported 26.3 inches.
  • Syracuse reported 22.1 inches.
  • Buffalo reported 19.6 inches.
  • Albany reported 17.8 inches.
  • Central Park in New York City reported 7.6 inches.

There were tons of stories about people who had to be out in the storm for one reason or another. We had an appointment at Faxton that morning for our daughter to get her tonsils out. Fortunately it was mostly smooth sailing for us. There were other much more harrowing stories from that day though. Like a family from Sauquoit - the Jerzak's. They got a call about a liver transplant for their 17 month old son Gavin, and they had to travel to Boston immediately despite closing roads. That story had a happy ending as well.

There were heartwarming stories too, about people helping their neighbors make it through the storm. Steve Kane of Richfield Springs pitched in with his plow and helped out anyone who was stuck, all for nothing more than a thank you.

There were tons of pictures sent in by our listeners. Here's a gallery of photos from around Central New York:

In the end we all patiently made it through to Spring, just like we do every year. Do you wish we could see another storm this big? Or was that enough for one lifetime?


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