Who ever says retirement is a time to relax was totally wrong. Just days from retirement, a New York State Police officer saved the life of a Cicero man and his golden retriever.

WIBX is reporting Trooper Ron Morse and three fishermen, Eric Wilsey, Alan Waldron, and James Parkhurst, rescued 45-year old Albert Merola and his dog from Oneida Lake. While in the process of the rescue, Trooper Morse went into the frigid water.

Wilsey and Waldron were able to pull Trooper Morse and then Merola to safety. Both men and the dog were evaluated and released without injury or hypothermia. State Police would like to remind the public about the dangers of walking on the lake and how unstable ice can be.”

When ever you’re out on any ice, always be careful.

[via WIBX]