Everything old is new again as a video tutorial to the internet from the late 90's has gone viral.

The video called, 'The Kids Guide to the Internet,' is simply astounding. Filmed when teaching videos were the thing to do, it features a family straight that looks like they just picked up a camera and filmed this as a weekend project. Together with the kids, they explain the basics of the internet and what it can do. While the jokes are terrible and acting is community theater you can't stop watching.

Just seeing the retro websites and search engines are mesmerizing enough but it doesn't stop there.


Strange 70′s PSA "Curious Alice" Educates Kids About Drugs [VIDEO]

Before the DARE Program, parents had to rely on Public Service Announcements when it came to discussing drugs with kids. Not all were successful. In 1971 the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare created a PSA called "Curious Alice."

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