Want to try somewhere new for dinner or lunch? We suggest giving PK's Pub a try, they have everything from sandwiches and seafood to steak and pasta.

You won't find PK's Pub on the main drag of downtown Herkimer. It's a few streets over, and if you haven't been there before, you might miss it. (Good thing for GPS, right?!) This fantastic dining option can be found at 221 King Street.

I know what you're thinking... "A place that has everything. Okay, there's a lot of those. Doesn't mean everything is good." But that's not true. PK's Pub may have a diverse menu, but it's safe to say they specialize in ALL their dishes. If you want a delicious, satisfying burger, they have you covered. If you like it spicy, we suggest you try their "Devil's Fury" burger, with ghost pepper jack cheese, bacon, Sriracha mayo, and a Cajun seasoned patty.

Craving seafood? They have plenty of options from shrimp and clam dinners to "Pesto Haddock." And their pasta dishes? Out of this world. Seriously. Just take a look at this Chipotle Ravioli:

Chipotle Ravioli From PK's Pub in Herkimer
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Or this Chicken Parm:

Chicken Parm From PK's Pub in Herkimer
Naomi Lynn/TSM

We could go on and on about the delicious food, the wonderful waitstaff, and the comfortable atmosphere, but words are just words. We suggest you give them a try. It's a great option especially when everyone in the family wants something different. One wants Italian, one wants seafood, another wants steak, PK's Pub has everyone covered. You can check out their diverse menu by visiting: PKsPub.com

They're open Monday through Friday: 11am to 9pm, and Saturday: 4:30pm to 9pm.





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