Central New York has already seen the advent of IMAX theaters and 3D movies. But the latest cinematic innovation may be better than anything you've seen. Or felt.

It's MXC, which stands for Marquee Extreme Cinema. And it's available right now at the Marquee Cinemas in New Hartford. The experience features electronic seat warmers and recliners, a surround-sound system called ATMOS, and advanced, reserved ticketing. Tickets are $12 and worth every penny.

We took in the current Captain Marvel flick recently and experienced it all. That's Beth and her son Jack pictured above in two of the special seats.

The seats are leather, wider, than standard chairs, and are equipped with comfortable armrests and headrests. They can be reserved ahead of time. An usher greets you as you enter the theater and shows you to your reserved seats.

The seat cushions are heated and the chairs recline--all with the push of a button. The seats were so comfortable, I fell asleep. Which is a ringing endorsement of the seats, maybe not so much for the movie.

The sounds emanating from explosions and other noises in the movie soundtrack literally shake your core--not in an overbearing and unpleasant way, but just enough to let you know you're experiencing something special.


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