It was nearly two-and-a-half years ago when a frightening and destructive car crash tore through downtown Richfield Springs, injuring 9 people and taking out 4 cars, ending at the steps of the Richfield Springs post office.

The crash was caused by New York Fire Marshall Kevin Ritton, who apparently experienced a "medical event" while driving his truck. A subsequent investigation by the District Attorney's office found no wrongdoing, and no charges were filed. But many Richfield Springs residents were left scratching their heads, unsatisfied. Many questions remained, and some believe there was a coverup. HPPA laws prevented any details about the so-called "medical event."

Reminders of this ugly event were ever-present in the poor condition of the post office. In the 30 MILES TO...RICHFIELD SPRINGS, NY! Facebook group, which generally posts nostalgia and history, one user posted a rather sad-looking photo of the post office, noting how unfortunate-looking it had become.

Dorothy Brooks
Dorothy Brooks

The Facebook post gained a lot of traction, with 43 comments, most agreeing with how dangerous the stairs were and how frustrating it was that repairs had not been undertaken yet. One user said:

"I used to love going and getting the mail. I couldn't wait to get out of there."

But now it appears repairs are finally underway. A construction crew was spotted out front, as one person documented.

attachment-richfield repairs

It's been speculated that one of the reasons it took so long for repairs to begin is because working on a historic building is trickier than working on, say, a 50-year-old home. Maintaining as much of the building's original aesthetics as possible is usually desired over a rush-job.

If all goes well, repairs on the Richfield Springs post office are expected to be completed sometime in June.

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