While the pandemic restrictions have delayed a formal opening and ribbon cutting, have you seen the Rock City Centre building in Little Falls?

Mayor Mark Blask took to Facebook to highlight Rock City Centre, which is on Main Street in Little Falls.

With input from local resident David Dardzinski, the innovative design blends historic Italianate architecture found along Main Street with features of a modern office building. Among many other cool features, Rock City Centre has a “Living Wall” which begins on the ground floor and grows to the roof. The event space on the roof provides a great view of Main Street.

Rock City Centre came together from an idea by Martin Babinec, who wanted a hub for his social enterprises and business partnerships, as well as a flex space location for freelancers, remote professionals and other non-profits as well as to host selected community events. Rock City Construction was the builder and the team went out of their way to use local contractors on the project.

For years we have worked hard to position Little Falls as the place to be in Central New York. We have attempted to create a safe community that focuses on families. In some instances, we have created programs and activities and other times we have supported events/festivals that are already in place. Often, we have done what government does best – be receptive to leaders who have sound plans, then get out of the way. At every turn we look at opportunities that can attract new residents and businesses and when a multi-million dollar building gets constructed in the heart of the city, it serves as a validation of those efforts.

You can check out more online from Mark's Facebook post. The building is coming together nicely.

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