Sorry parents, your kids are going to be "hopping mad" they can't go here this summer.

Rockin' Jump in New Hartford has officially closed it's doors to the public. They made the announcement on their Facebook page, alluding that the closing is most likely temporary decision. The message was posted just a week following another post that shared updated business hours for visitors.

According to Kevin Drew, an employee with the company is unaware of when exactly the building will reopen to the public.

We are currently temporarily closed. Our owner wanted to revamp some things and has closed to reevaluate that. That's the most information I have right now. I should have more info in the next 24 hours.

This is the same location that went viral in December 2021 for throwing a birthday for a young girl named Isabella. She once had no one show up to her birthday party and her community came together to support her.


Thanks to donations from the other businesses in the plaza, a party was held for her where friends, family and even strangers came to make it a birthday she would never forget.

Family, Friends & Strangers Celebrate Birthday for Girl Who Had No One Show for Last Two

Businesses, friends, family, and strangers came together to celebrate Isabella's 9th birthday after no one showed for her last two parties.

It is still unknown as to when exactly the building will reopen and what type of renovations are being made. We will keep you updated on Rockin' Jump's progress.

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